Consumer Duty 3d ebook cover


Advice and solutions for your Consumer Duty Implementation Plan

What’s Inside?

To comply with the new Consumer Duty regulation you need to act now.  All financial services firms offering open products or services to retail consumers must have everything in place by the end of July 2023.  The clock is ticking!

The Consumer Duty raises the standard of consumer protection and places huge emphasis on good outcomes for retail customers. This regulation has wide-ranging implications, so the impact of this change should not be underestimated. Your compliance applies to the entire design, development and life cycle of a consumer product or service and the FCA expects you to put your customers at the heart and centre of all of your business practices. 

This eBook will give you advice and solutions for your  implementation plan so your organisation can comply with the Consumer Duty.

Here's what you'll discover: 

  • An explanation of the Four Outcomes and examples of what sort of evidence the FCA may ask for
  • A four phase plan to guide you through the implementation process 
  • Our expert advice gained from our experience of leading complex business change programmes
  • Our blueprint solutions that will help you execute and fast track your implementation
  • The critical success factors required to become a  customer experience-led organisation. 

Download the eBook now to ensure you hit the Consumer Duty deadline for 31st July 2023.